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The Silver Broom Ministries

"All who harm none are welcome"

Community, Congregation & Coven

46 Railroad Avenue
Sayville, NY 11782


The Silver Broom Ministries is a Non Profit Church established in 2006 with full tax exempt status as a charitable organization (501c3).



The Silver Broom Ministries grew out of the coven The Solitaries of The Silver Broom, founded by High Priestess Amy Krinner & Elder Mark A. Lyons in 1996.

We offer clergy training to those who have shown interest & capacity from within this coven structure.

Dedicants to the coven are drawn from our community & congregation following an inner calling.


Many of our clergy provide Spiritual Counseling, Hands on Healing & are available for
Handfastings / Weddings & Memorial services.

Rev. Amy Krinner
Board President
Rev. Mark A. Lyons
Rev. Kathleen Torres
Board Treasurer
Rev. Kacy 
Ordained Minister
Rev. Brightarrow
Ordained Minister
Rich Seckel
Board Secretary

The Silver Broom Supply Shop

The Cavern, The Broom & The Circle Partner Up

Something new is coming to town, two towns actually.

The Crystal Cavern run by Nicole Pacinello is opening a space in both Bay Shore & Sayville, NY.

  • Their 1st location opens in September at 139 West Main Street, Bay Shore.
  • Their 2nd location opens in late September, early October at 46 Railroad Ave in Sayville.

Yes, you saw correctly, they will be renting the building where the Silver Broom Ministries currently stands.

But no worries. The Silver Broom Ministries will still be there, as will Drawing the Circle, to continue providing spiritual services, events & of course amazing spiritual supplies from The Crystal Cavern for you path’s needs.
It is our combined intention to make this endeavor a service to our community & also have a lot of fun on this new, very exciting adventure.
Check out what’s happening by following all 3 companies on Social Media.
Come & watch the magick happen.

The Presidents of,

The Crystal Cavern

The Silver Broom Ministries

Drawing the Circle Productions, INC

The Lady Fox Memorial Library

The Lady Ironfox Memorial Library
is available as a perusal library for the public.

Come sit, read & rest.


All donations to the Silver Broom Ministries are tax deductable.

We can receive donations in person at The SIlver Broom in order to provide a receipt for tax filing.

You can also PayPal a donation by going to & inputting our email
into the Address field in the Send Menu. - Silver Broom PayPal

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46 RailRoad Ave
Sayville, NY 11782

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