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When I read I do all the talking. Spiritual Counseling is a dialogue. All the faculties present in a reading are present in Spiritual Counseling. Only the approach differs. – MAL

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Spiritual Counseling is an everyday occurrence for me. I am always on the phone, texting or sitting with a friend or client in need. Though I am well trained in Hands on Healing, I have found that it is in Spiritual counseling where I am at my best as a Healer.

I start first time clients explaining my 3 rules or boundaries for the work.

My 3 Rules

  1. Total confidentiality
  2. This is Spiritual, not Psychological Counseling.
  3. The goal is to heal, learn, evolve & not have to keep coming back.

This is followed by a bit of prayer/meditation to ground, center & ask for grace. With safe & sacred space established, I ask the client the opening question.

“What’s going on?”

The session continues with dialogue, intuitive feedback, spiritual guidance & suggestions for spiritual practice.

I’m also notorious for assigning homework for further support & education.

Booking is easy, just contact me here: https://www.drawingthecircle.com/contact/ .

We schedule a time & choose the means. Phone, Skype & Facebook Messenger ‘s video chat have been very useful for my regular clients.

Reach out when you need. This is what I do best it seems & I am blessed and a blessing as a result. – MAL



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