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Readings are what I am best known for.

It makes sense. I’ve been reading  since I was a teenager & as a Professional Intuitive / Clairvoyant Empath for the majority of my life.


Readings are what I am best known for.

It makes sense. I’ve been reading since I was a teenager & as a Professional Intuitive / Clairvoyant Empath for the majority of my life.

Here’s the link to a MALvlog I did on the subject. More information on readings with me continues below.

MALvlog: 3 – 30 Years of Tarot

How I work

In a standard face to face or online reading I ask the client to focus on a topic rather than a question during the shuffle. When I read in person, face to face, the client shuffles. In an online reading I shuffle while they focus.

In my experience Tarot does not answer questions. It gives information like a thermometer gives an energy reading of heat or lack thereof. When a client shuffles a question, it’s like sticking a thermometer in a question. This gives them information about the question, but not a clear answer. When they focus on a subject, they get information that helps them answer their question. My job is to interpret and translate the information as clearly as possible.

My work is about empowerment, not prediction.

The client is then directed toward their own free will & choice to heal, learn & evolve as a result of what happens in the reading. Like GPS, a reading tells you where you are. You tell it where you want to go. Then it reveals a route to get you there. Only the client can choose to take that route or not. Considering the quantum nature of the universe, it is never the ONLY route, but it is a WISE route from Spirit’s broader perspective.

In this, what I offer to my clients in a reading is more valuable that prediction,

I offer clarity.

A one hour reading usually incorporates the Celtic Cross Spread though I am skilled in many, many others.

I’ve even developed spreads like The Relationship Spread used  in Path of True Love Readings, a session specifically focused on relationships of all kinds & forms. See more below. A session ends with any questions that need clarifying for the client & with time permitting reads into other or related topics.

I give my all when I read.

It starts the night before with prayer & spiritual practice. I schedule the day as lightly as I can before the reading so I’m rested, refreshed & ready. One of my best attributes as a Professional Intuitive is my compassion & humor when I read. I am diplomatic but direct, as a Virgo Sun with a Pisces Moon & a Venus/Mercury conjunct in Libra, would.

I’ve never had a client leave a session feeling worse than before the read. My readings educate, inspire & uplift. I am committed to serving that way & to be Truly Helpful from the point of view of the Divine.

Booking is easy, just contact me here: .

We schedule a time & choose the means. Phone, Skype & Facebook Messenger ‘s video chat have been very useful for my regular clients.

I look forward to sitting with you soon. – MAL

Path of True Love Readings with Mark A. Lyons

I have walked the Path of True Love in this & many other lives. Reincarnation aside, we’re all looking for love & the Path isn’t all about romance. Every relationship you have is a teacher & you become a clearer embodiment of True Love as you gradually transform & heal from walking the Path.

These readings allow me to share how I have navigated the path. The context of my story is personal, as it is for all of us. But there are archetypal themes involved, The Hero’s Journey, for example.


The spreads I use for Path of True Love Readings are a mix of old and new. I created my own spreads decades ago and use them with clients rarely. The ones I’ve gathered recently I’ve used only on myself or for close friends. It’s time to share them. And yet, sometimes the good old Celtic Cross is the best for the Eagle Eye view.

I take it as it goes for each client.

Good Luck and let me know if I can assist on your Path of True Love. – MAL

The Path of True Love Videos on Demand at Vimeo.


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