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“My spells always work, not the way I expect them to, but they always work.” - MAL​

It’s been said that a spell is a prayer with props. ​Though this is somewhat true, as a Professional Witch​ I find spellwork to be far more versatile​ in art and purpose. But it’s a good place to start.​

Just as most prayers are petitionary/asking for something, not all are.

So it is true with spells. ​A good deal of spells are asking for something to be drawn to or away from the self. ​But there are also spells that bring us into alignment, uplift, heal, and inspire in their practice.​

​In this brief eBook, I’ll share some basics of what we teach in WitchClass Cycle 1:3 Basic Spells.​
My intention is to educate and entertain, so you can approach spells in a more comfortable, ​but still accurate, way.​

- Mark A. Lyons

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