“Reading Words of Grace brought me back to the Silver Broom where I first learned about the Graces and had the wonderful experience of participating in Mark’s Grace Curriculum class.

As in class, I found myself deeply touched by the content and Mark’s ability to write in such a way that not only affected me on a cognitive level, it nourished my soul.

I take the Graces with me everyday and often find myself praying a Grace Prayer. Thank you Mark for sharing your wisdom. Blessed be.”

Grace Curriculum Student

“Words of Grace by Mark A Lyons is a heartfelt work of instruction and empowerment. The work is written with universal applications.

It begins with a joyous dedication to his mother who is a source of strength and inspiration for the author. It always bespeaks volumes when one unselfishly gives credit to others in one’s life.

The piece is a collection of practical invocations and prayers. It details how one can master one’s life and be able to handle crises that arise. It fuses a discussion of using energy while keeping a ‘Divine Plan’ in mind.

The author speaks of ‘grace’ not as something far from a human being, but attainable now. Whether it is an empowerment of our chakras to yield bliss, discernment, fortitude, piety of protection, or an energy field of kindness, the reader is able to fully use the prayers and techniques to better his or her life. Each time of day, year, and natural element is explored in prayers and affirmations.

This is an ample aid for anyone seeking a better more positive existence.”

Jeannette Hope

“If all the world could read this multi-faceted Diamond of Wisdom, a collective mind/body healing would result.

Set within a simple, yet empowering construct of both corrective and inspiring self-talk, various levels of symbolism intensify the powerful words, such as imagery and color, subtly connecting it to ancient systems of Inner Awareness.

Whether this gem is used as a sacred book, daily devotional, prayer book, or textbook for the seeker of knowledge, it is a certain travel-ship to the loving heart of the Goddess.”


“I’ve taken Reverend Mark A. Lyons’ Grace Curriculum workshop and this book is better than the notes I took because it contains Mark’s sense of humor and down-to-earth, practical teachings that he’s absorbed and processed through the years as a teacher, minister and counselor.

He has encapsulated everything for you regarding Grace and Prayer and has articulated it in a Universal language that anyone can wrap their head around. Brightest Blessings.”

Wynter Raeven Rose
Grace Curriculum Student

It was an honor when MAL asked me for a review of his book, ‘Words of Grace from a Professional Witch’. I told him I would get on it right away.

I had to contact MAL to let him know it would take me longer than I anticipated as it was a book filled with so many jewels of insight on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. I finished feeling like I had taken a magical, mystery tour with, among other things, the rising of mysteries from the shadows to the light. We, after all, are products of both and continue to be.

The use of the word “Hope” filtered into my essence in conjunction with the word “Grace” as I savored each page. I was taken back to my childhood with the recital of three prayers before I slept; “The Our Father”, “The Hail Mary”, “Now I lay me down to sleep” similar to MAL’s three prayers at the time except his third was “The Glory Be.”

Oh, how time and wisdom elevates one’s life’s journey as this book so clearly demonstrates. Words of Grace from a Professional Witch is a journey of sharing and utilizing grace in healing, love, giving, honor, in and through all things. I laughed, cried, let go, empathized, connected, remembered. Thank you MAL.

Patricia Bono

” Beautifully written, beautifully illustrated, this book is a gift from the Divine and a wonderful guide to a balanced and peaceful way of being, one chakra at a time! “

Trent Deerhorn

” With these words, “I am eternally grateful for the Grace of Prayer,” Reverend Mark Lyons provides us with an in-depth study on The School of Grace.

Reverend Mark learned from an early age how to apply the sanctions of grace into his daily living skills from none other than his beloved mother. In this marvelously handy book, we will learn how to incorporate The Grace of Humility into our lives, as well enhancing each of our senses, chakras, and core systems with the soothing assurance of Mark’s easy and laid back style and methods.

Many “spiritually instructive” books are all over the map. They leave you more confused than ever. This eBook stands alone in its inspired layout and art design, which allows us to linger fondly on each page and really let this knowledge sink in. I found myself lost in time as I read about The Grace of Kindness, Divine Strength Through Prayer, How to Achieve and Maintain Inner Peace, The Graces of The Heart, Fortitude, Piety and Mercy, not to mention how to successfully draw all of this energy into our consciousness.

Mark’s story is all about an epic inner journey and learning how to respect each aspect of yourself, thus, also discovering and honoring The Divine in others.

Reverend Lyons states, “Dearest God, Goddess, All That Is, Please Grant me The Grace of Kindness.” Reading Mark’s book has made me a better person already, and has given me insights on so many wonderful perspectives of the human mind and soul. I will keep it close at hand, and heart, for the rest of my days.

I believe, if you are interested in improving your mind, spirit, and body, that you too will benefit from these wise words from someone who knows what he is talking about.
Thank you, Reverend Mark. and Blessed Be. xo ”

Informal Review submitted: December 7, 2018

Timothy Patrick Kirby
BLUEMOON PRESS Author and Publisher

This was an entrance into an unusual world for me. Prayers and meditations to gods and goddesses is a departure from the Christian path of God.

However, the prayers and questions are universal and call us to a higher place of living and understanding life.

The colorful expressions both visually and interiorly jump out and grab the soul with a sincere devotion.

My first reading brought me right to prayer, it eased me into a moment of devotion. No book that challenges ones prayer and devotion to God should go unnoticed. Hearts open, minds prepared and hands lifted up….God hears us all. Bravo Mark!

Cliff Kretkowski

” You will find “Words of Grace” to be a presentation by Author and Professional Witch, Mark A. Lyons that is powerful and empowering. Mark has been on this path for his lifetime – now gifting us with his years of wisdom, learning, teaching and experience.

The definition of “GRACE” is “simple elegance or refinement. Divine GRACE is the defined as the divine influence which operates in humans to REGENERATE and SANCTIFY to inspire virtuous impulses, and to impart strength. Mark has created this and so much more in this work.

If you would like to Bless yourself, do so by reading ‘WORDS OF GRACE” and putting these words of wisdom to enrich your life. Thank you Mark for all your work and dedication to sharing your wisdom, expertise and unconditional love, and, of course wit and humor with us all. “

Blessed Be
Phoenix Redhawk

I’d like to start by saying how grateful I am to have this opportunity to finally be able to work through my esteemed associate’s lessons on Grace. Because of the miles between us, I have only heard of the wonders of Mark Lyon’s classes. I am very appreciative of the work that he has put forth to introduce us to his lessons in book mode. True to form, the chapters are full of compassion and openness as well as revealing to his sense of humor. Grace has never been so easily understood or readily adaptable to anyone. I found the prayers within the book to be unassuming and easy to express, one truly feels their stress and anxiety change with the magick of alchemy. The reader definitely gets the sense that their words are being heard by the Gods.

Ivy Ravenspath
Elder and Clanhead, Clan of the Knotted Ash

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