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Welcome to the DTCP Resource Library.

The links listed below are verified sources used by our very own staff and practioners. They are broken up into three categories: Magick, Miracles & Mysticism

Magick - dealing with the Physical World, Witchcraft & Magick
Miracles - dealing with the Emotional-Mental Worlds, Psychology & Internal Healing
Mysticism - dealing with the Spiritual World, The Divine & the Mystical Path


The Witches Voice

Witchvox is a Pagan institution in my opinion. This whole site is a wonderful resource for networking, education & finding out what’s out there.


Church of the Ancient Ways

To my knowledge, nobody has done more handfastings & weddings on Long Island than Rev. April Gismondi. I adore her & I think you will, too.



The Emotional Freedom Technique

I was guided to EFT when I was suffering a heartbreak many years ago. It worked so quickly & revealed such truth within me that I incorporate it into my own self healing repertoire to this day. - MAL



The Teachings of Abraham via Esther Hicks are an essential for those looking to go beyond the the glitz & glamour of The Law of Attraction & into leading edge experiences with the Universal Laws of Manifestation. - MAL


A Course in Miracles

I have often said that The course is my spiritual spine. Buy this I mean that at the end of the day, I accept what it teaches as pure, non dualistic truth. I will always, eventually, turn to the forgiveness the Course teaches, because I know what miracles really are now. - MAL


Hay House Radio

There’s no better audio resource out there that can top the variety & depth that Louise Hay has created with this service. For a subscription fee you get access to live streaming audio content with the majority of Hay House’s stable of authors & teacher. Worth every cent.


The Work of Byron Katie

The Work is simple but not easy. I like Byron Katie’s method of self inquiry. Though I use it sparingly, I think anyone with an inquisitive mind will find value in her teachings that free us from our own erroneous perceptions that bind. - MAL


Marianne Williamson

She was my introduction to A Course in Miracles & I have recommended her first book A Return to Love to just about everyone I know since the early 90’s. Her clarity on the basic principles of the Course are delivered with a strong, understanding voice with that most important dose of humor and candor that always brings me back to adoring Ms Williamson. - MAL



Caroline Myss

In my opinion there is no more direct, truthful & ruthlessly compassionate teacher than Caroline Myss. She has pulled my ass out of the fire hundreds of time via her books, audio-books & blogs. I adore her work & look forward to thanking her in person one day.


The Ishayas

I have studied many different forms of meditation both eastern & western. The Ascension Techniques taught by the Ishayas are by far the most simple & effective I have yet to come across. My nearing 20 years of experience with the Ishaya Monks & Teachers has deepened me. What they teach is steeped in over 2000 years of tradition, as well as extremely effective at reducing stress & expanding consciousness. - MAL


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