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Angels & Archetypes

with Mark A. Lyons

4 sequential classes. 3 hours per class.

A four part workshop series on embodying the Higher Self as the Guardian Angel.

Each part contains lecture and techniques for Angelic Embodiment.

  1. Introduction to the Angel
  2. The Star & Archangels
  3. Grace, Shadow, The King & The Queen
  4. Spirit Guides & The Angelic Ceremony

Angels in Disguise

with Mark A. Lyons

2 hour lecture

An introduction to the Angels and Archetypes series.

This 2 hour interactive class is about embracing the Guardian Angel as a bridge to embodying the Higher Self.

The session starts and ends with spiritual practice, with Q&A throughout.


Craft of the Wise

with Mark A. Lyons

2 hour lecture

A 2 hour lecture on Witchcraft from one who has walked the path for over 30 years.

Witchcraft is about wisdom at its core. This talk with Q&A clears the air from centuries of misinformation.


Divine Divination

with Mark A. Lyons

2 hour lecture

Tarot, Runes, Oracles and the like are great if we have the time to study and train with them.

But which one is right for you? With the mass production of divinatory tools glutting the market, we need a divination tool to find a divination tool.

In this talk Mark shares his experience from 30 years in the field to clarify the divinatory arts, ending with spot readings should time allow.


The Grace Curriculum

with Mark A. Lyons

8 sequential classes. 3 hours per class.

An eight part workshop series defining Grace as a mystical substance and experience.

Participants learn about each Grace and enter into guided prayer to open to the experience of each quality of Grace itself. A two hour introductory lecture is available for this series.

Each stands alone or can be taught in any combination.

  1. Gateways & Goddesses: Humility, Hope & Endurance
  2. Kindness & Reverence
  3. Mercy & Piety
  4. Discernment & Understanding
  5. Healing & Fortitude
  6. Protection & Counsel
  7. Clarity & Knowledge
  8. Illumination & Wisdom

Grace Meets

with Mark A. Lyons

2 hour non sequential classes

A time and space made for Grace.

These 2 hour classes are based on the Words of Grace from a Professional Witch eBook.

A combination of discussion and spiritual practice, participants are given a safe and sacred break from everyday life to rest and heal beyond reason.


Magick Miracles & Mysticism

with Mark A. Lyons

13 sequential classes. 3 hours per class.

A workshop series in advanced metaphysics, spirituality and beyond.

The 3 Ms are a bridge spanning three levels of power and experience. From the chakras through archetypes and into the heart of the mystical path those willing to learn and apply will find wisdom and power regardless of spiritual label or identifier.

  1. 3 Levels of Power – The Basics
  2. The Chakras Part 1 – Sanskrit & Sacraments
  3. The Chakras Part 2 The Tree of Life & Sabbats
  4. Archetypes Part 1 – The Survival Family
  5. Archetypes Part 2 – The Feminine & Masculine
  6. Archetypes Part 3 – The Divine & Wisdom
  7. Archetypes Part 4 – The Healing & Creative
  8. Archetypes Part 5 – The Action & Wild Card
  9. Gods & Archetypes
  10. Healing
  11. Alchemy & Incarnation
  12. Divine Purpose, The Shamanic Descent & the Dark Night of the Soul
  13. Wrap up

Meditate with Mark

with Mark A. Lyons

2 hour non sequential classes

Meditation is a mystery to most, even to those who practice daily.

The motivations to meditate are many, from stress reduction to the expanded awareness, with a multitude of methods between.

In these classes Mark teaches meditation in many forms, shares insight, techniques, then leads the group in both guided and silent meditation.

Though an outline for each class is always at hand, these classes are usually be led by the needs of those present.


The Path of True Love Intro

with Mark A. Lyons

2 hour lecture

True Love conquers all, including us as we walk the Path.

Relationships are tricky in all forms: Soulmates, Twin Flames, past life this and that. It can be so confusing.

Join Mark for a talk about The Path of True Love as a means of spiritual growth, evolution and healing, as well as his new book of the same name, coming this Summer.


The Path of True Love

with Mark A. Lyons

2 hour non sequential classes

The meaning of True Love has puzzled humanity for centuries.

Shrouded in myth and mystery, it is a spiritual path that challenges body, mind and soul. Does True Love conquer all? Does it  break all curses? Maybe, but one thing is for sure, the Path of True Love requires a Warrior’s honor & courage.

In this 2 hour ongoing series Rev. Mark A. Lyons discusses the mythology, psychology, mysticism, joys & pitfalls of the path. Each week Mark shares his own personal experiences & offers intuitive guidance for anyone on the Path of True Love.


The Spirit Based Business

with Mark A. Lyons

2 hour non sequential classes

Spiritual Entrepreneurship is a very tricky thing.

Business based on spiritual principles aren’t new. But as the spiritual path changes. As it does, the business world changes, as it did.

Join Mark A. Lyons, President of Drawing the Circle Productions for an interactive and informative look at these changes and how to find your own navigational compass for your own Spirit Based Business.


The DTCP Tarot Workshop: I, II & III

with Mark A. Lyons

1 workshop, 8 hours   or   2 sequential 4 hour workshops.

This is a course designed for those wanting to work as a professional Tarot reader.

Each part is an exploration of Tarot implementing 3 levels of power:

  1. The Intellectual
  2. The Intuitive
  3. The Spiritual.

Each Workshop includes lectures, hands on exercises & personal instruction to facilitate a deeper experience as a Tarot Reader.

Certification Requirements:

50 Hours of community Service Readings

The completion of all written work from the 3 levels

Passing the Final Exam – Reading Mark

Each participant receives a Rider Waite Tarot Deck as a working notebook for Level I.

Click here for the DTCP Tarot Workshop Page.


The Wise Wealth Workshop

with Mark A. Lyons

2 hour non sequential classes

A spiritually practical workshop series on wealth in its myriad forms.


Sample techniques and topics include:

  • Alchemy of Wealth
  • Dharma & Karma
  • Prayers, Rituals & Spells
  • Learning Laws
  • Chakra Checks
  • Emotional Currency
  • Guided Imagery / Meditation
  • Grace, Greed & Gluttony

Subjects are chosen via venue interest &/or intuition.


WitchClass Cycle One: The Basic Art & Science

with Mark A. Lyons

13 sequential classes, 2 hours per class

A thirteen class series on Basic Witchcraft

  1. The Basics 
  2. Elements & Sacred Space
  3. Basic Spells
  4. Astrology (Intermediate Spells)
  5. Gods & Goddesses (Advanced Spells)
  6. The Wheel of the Year
  7. Circle Casting
  8. Quarter Calls
  9. Divination
  10. Magickal Tools
  11. Ethics & Etiquette
  12. Ritual Design
  13. Graduation

Each stands alone or can be taught in any combination.


WitchClass Cycle Two: Spellbook

with Mark A. Lyons

12 sequential classes, 2 hours per class

A twelve class series on spells by category

  1. Introduction – Goals of the Course
  2. Love Spells
  3. Money Spells
  4. House & Home Spells
  5. Health & Healing Spells
  6. Work, Career & Vocation Spells
  7. Protection & Defense Spells
  8. Deity Spells
  9. Enlightenment Spells
  10. Potions & Powders Spells
  11. Ritual Design
  12. Graduation Ceremony

Each stands alone or can be taught in any combination.


WitchClass Cycle Three: Gods & Goddesses

with Mark A. Lyons

12 sequential classes, 3 hours per class

A 12 class series exploring 21 Gods and Goddesses of the Hellenic Greek Pantheon

Each class includes lecture and discussion on the deities, their myths, magick and spiritual practice.

  1. Introduction
  2. Love, Sun & War (Aphrodite, Apollo & Ares)
  3. Hunt, Wisdom & Magick (Artemis, Athena & Circe)
  4. Wheat, Wine & Romance (Demeter, Dionysus & Eros)
  5. Death, Diplomacy & Creativity (Hades, Harmonia & Hephaestus)
  6. Queen, Hero & Trickster (Hera, Heracles & Hermes)
  7. Hearth, Health & Nature (Hestia, Hygeia & Pan)
  8. Spring, Sea & King (Persephone, Poseidon & Zeus)
  9. Triads  – Putting together your Pantheon
  10. Meditation, Prayer & Spellwork
  11. Ritual Design
  12. Graduation Ceremony.

    Download a free copy of the Drawing The Circle ebook "The Path of True Love Mini eBook."