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Blessed Imbolc!

Changes are afoot at Drawing the Circle.

Watch this space. - MAL

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Drawing The Circle Productions

Check out an Imbolc Service I did on YouTube
touching on the Grace of Piety. - MAL

Drawing the Circle Productions is my way to serve the world as a Professional Witch. 
Through online private sessions, eBooks, audiobooks, videos & public speaking
I get to do what I love most; teach, heal, speak & write
from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world.

There so much more in store for me & DTCP.
Follow along with me & make some magick, miracles & mystical experiences.

Weekly Event Highlights

Has Broom. Does Travel!

In the 90s I used to make house calls. 

I drove my Mom's white cloth top red Jeep Wrangler.

My friends called me The Tarot Paramedic. I loved it.

Though places like Body, Mind & Soul, Pillars of Light & The Silver Broom

gave me safe space to serve, things change.

All that rises, falls.

The era of the 'spiritual/healing center' seems to be passing quickly, replaced by digital means of communication & connection. 

As much as I love working from home & I truly do,

I LOVE hitting the road to teach, read, heal, speak & meet new people on the path.

I'll go from Manhattan to Montauk for house calls that feel right.

I'll travel anywhere on earth if it clicks & feels right.

I'm a Virgo, gotta keep moving forward.

Buzz me if you want me to drop by for a spell. - MAL

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