Drawing the Circle

“Bringing people together with Spirit! – Mark Angelo Lyons, President


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    Professional Witch, Professional Intuitive & DTCP President

    Mark Angelo Lyons

    Drawing the Circle Productions is, in hindsight, the predictable result of my career in Magick, Miracles and Mysticism. It is the distillation of all that I have done in my work, career and vocation to date.

    I started reading Tarot at the age of twelve and was immediately good at it. Reading family and friends at parties, the look of shock on the faces was an instant hook I’ve never gotten off of.

    At thirteen I entered the world of what at the time was called ‘The Performing Arts.’ (think FAME and please cue Irene Cara) I vigorously trained in acting, dance, speech, voice training, all of it. (Complete with shoulder slit sweat shirt and neon leg warmers. This was, of course, the 1980’s.)

    New Expansion in Drawing the Circle …

    The Professional Witch

    Last Samhain DTCP went through a Death Card phase & I found myself in a true Dark Night of the Soul.

    Writing Words of Grace with my editor Jill Schweitzer saved my life as I underwent an incredibly painful transformation and deep transition into the Underworld. Taking the Goddess Hera & the God Hades as my Matron & Patron the following Yule initiated me into mystical union with the heights of the Light of Heaven while embracing the very depth of the Shadows of the Underworld since.

    Through the love & support of my family, friends & other Professional Witches I have risen from ashes, yet again & have found myself in a whole new manifestation in my career.

    Yes, it’s true.. I’m a You Tuber now.

    Doing readings on social media was not what I was expecting, but it has yielded me a creativity I never expected & a larger reach than I could every have tied to Sayville, NY. My YouTube Channel has expanded drastically as a result, as has my practice as a Professional Intuitive.

    Now on the other side of the Dark Night, I have learned so much, have sharpened my intuitive / mystical skills in ways I never expected & am firmly rooted in my new life a turn of the Wheel since Samhain last. My capacity to serve with heart centered compassion & the wisdom of mystical truth / 5D Consciousness has expanded. I’m ready to roll, to fly, to walk the Path of True Love into my highest version I can be, in service, for the well being of all.

    I do hope you find the new digital form of my work as a Professional Witch & Intuitive truly helpful & hopefully entertaining, as we heal our way Home.

    Go have a look, Like & Subscribe to the channel & by all means, reach out & book a private reading or spiritual counseling session with me.

    Looking forward! – MAL

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