Drawing the Circle

25 years in service, est. May 1st, 1998

Bringing people together with Spirit! – Mark Angelo Lyons, President


Professional Witch, Professional Intuitive & DTCP President

Mark Angelo Lyons

Drawing the Circle Productions is, in hindsight, the predictable result of my career in Magick, Miracles and Mysticism. It is the distillation of all that I have done in my work, career and vocation to date.

I started reading Tarot at the age of twelve and was immediately good at it. Reading family and friends at parties, the look of shock on the faces was an instant hook I’ve never gotten off of.

At thirteen I entered the world of what at the time was called ‘The Performing Arts.’ (think FAME and please cue Irene Cara) I vigorously trained in acting, dance, speech, voice training, all of it. (Complete with shoulder slit sweat shirt and neon leg warmers. This was, of course, the 1980’s.)

Drawing The Circle on Patreon


What a journey these past few years have been, for all of humanity due to the pandemic & so much more. We find ourselves in a world on its own global journey through an alchemical transformation from lead to gold archetypally.

Drawing the Circle Productions has journeyed as well. 

Once again at Samhain, this time of 2021, I took a leap of faith, demonetized myself on YouTube (though I still make videos there every day) & became a creator on Patreon. As a result I am now serving on a whole new level; expanding globally through online, readings, classes, workshops & our new podcast the #MALpod. 


Patreon Welcome & Update with MAL (April 2022)

We currently offer 8 levels for subscribers to choose from with different benefits suited to our ever expanding circle of friend around the world:

  • Seeker
  • Human
  • Hero
  • Angel
  • Witch
  • Immortal
  • Mystic
  • God/Goddess

I LOVE Patreon.

I serve up a “Daily Check In” every morning, where my subscribers (Seeker – God/Goddess) chat with me via an unlisted YouTube Livestream link. We chat about the day’s astrological weather (lunar focused), the magickal application & the spiritual implication to help us wisely navigate the day. We always end with a prayer, blessing meditation or similar to send us on our way. It is one of my favorite things to do, so I rarely miss one.

From $3 – $20 every Patron is important to me.

  • Seeker, our first level at $3 USD gets:
    • The morning Check ins.
    • Access to ALL of the Timeless Extended Relationship Readings (Part 2s).
      • Part 1 one on YouTube.
  • Gods/Goddesses, our top level at $20 USD gets:
    • everything, all the benefits platform-wide.

It is certainly one of the wisest career moves I have made. I’m a full time Mystical Artist now & adding Patreon to our platforms has made a huge difference in my life.

And according to my patrons… their lives too.

Come Play with me on Patreon, you are always welcome aboard.

Looking forward! – MAL

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We are 25 years old as of May 1st 2023.

Care to share a memory, a story, or something that served with us?

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Thank you all so much for helping me bring people together with Spirit all these years.
It's been a blast, let's keep going!