The Silver Broom Ministries
"All who harm none are welcome."

46 Railroad Ave.
Sayville, NY 11782
(631) 750-5633

Community, Congregation & Coven


The Silver Broom Ministries is a Non Profit Church established in 2006 with full tax exempt status as a charitable organization (501c3).

We offer events for inspirational & educational purposes while building an ongoing, ever expanding community.

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The Lady Ironfox Memorial Library is also available as a perusal library for the public. 


Many walk through the front gates of
The Silver Broom. Many stay to become friends.

We support each other’s individual
paths through respectful conversation,
networking & friendship.

Our weekly Sunday Morning Services , continue to bring people together, forming a strong congregation of friends.
We may pray differently, but we pray together & in support of one another.

Our monthly fundraiser
An Enchanted Evening  
draws from the healing & intuitive skills of our congregation & coven. 

Seasonal events include 
The annual Halloween & Yule parties as well as our annual open house at Sayville Summerfest.

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Drawing the Circle Productions, INC
46 RailRoad Ave
Sayville, NY 11782 
Office & Event Hours:
Monday    12pm-9pm
Tuesday  12pm-9pm
Wednesday 12pm-9pm
Thursday   12pm-9pm
Friday    12pm-6pm
Saturday   12pm-6pm
Sunday    Closed / Special Events


The Silver Broom Ministries grew out of the coven The Solitaries of The Silver Broom, founded by High Priestess Amy Krinner  &  High Priest Mark A. Lyons in 1996.

We offer clergy training to those who have shown interest & capacity from within this coven structure.

Dedicants to the coven are drawn from our community & congregation following an inner calling. 

Photos by Djinn Photography


The Silver Broom Supply Shop

Candles &
crystals &
Oh My!

Our Silver Broom Supply Shop in Sayville is a place where people can purchase items to personalize their spiritual practice.

One of a kind hand crafted pieces are available from artisans in our coven & community.

Drop in & sit for a spell.

All donations to the Silver Broom Ministries are tax deductable.

We can receive donations in person at The SIlver Broom in order to provide a receipt for tax filing.

You can also PayPal a donation by going to & inputting our email 
into the Address field in the Send Menu. - Silver Broom PayPal