Glossary of Terms

Below are the terms we use regularly on this website & in general.
Not all definitions are by the dictionary & some are just for us.
  1. Amulet:
    Object of protection. Amulet = Away I just charged an amulet to protect me from negativity
  2. Archetype:
    Greek origin meaning €˜original pattern.€™ (in Jungian psychology) a collectively inherited unconscious idea, pattern of thought, image, etc., universally present in individual psyches.
  3. Athame:
    (ATH uh may or a THA may) Double edged straight blade, used for commanding power (air) never used for cutting physical things.
  4. Balefire:
    Magickal bonfire.
  5. Binding:
    Magickal act to freeze or stop a person, place, thing or event. A magickal restraint.
  6. Bind Rune:
    A combination of more than 1 Nordic Rune into 1 Rune
  7. Boline:
    Small sickle used for cutting things on the physical.
  8. Book of Shadows:
    The Witches’ Recipe, lore, ritual and whatever else they want to leave behind, book.
  9. Burning Times:
    The historical period of time where Witches were persecuted.
  10. Circle:
    An energy sphere cast by a Witch Not really a 360 degree circle, but a bubble that contains and protects the participants and energies raised within. It is called a circle because that is the shape of where the widest part of the sphere intersects with the ground.
  11. Coven:
    A group of Witches formally or informally gathered.
  12. Covenstead:
    Where a coven meets regularly.
  13. Cowan:
    Uninitiated person, similar to muggle.
  14. Charm:
    An Amulet or Talisman that has been charmed by repeating a spell or process similar over it.
  15. Deosil:
    (JES sel) Clockwise
  16. Divination:
    Interaction with the Divine usually through a medium like Tarot, Runes, Ouija, Pendulum and really, anything the Witch can work with.
  17. Dowsing:
    The use of pendulums or rods to detect / find a person, place or thing including answers.
  18. Esbat:
    Full Moon. Plural Esbats
  19. Familiar:
    Thought of as an animal magickally / spiritually linked to a Witch. Term created during the Burning Times and got a lot of cats killed. A familiar would take a magickal / psychic hit for its Witch. This is why many of us do not embrace the term or idea at all.
  20. Fam Trad:
    A family tradition of Witchcraft. Initiation and training is passed down strictly through genetic or marriage lines where the power shows itself. Is rarer than people think.
  21. Guardians:
    Ancient protective spirits called at the 4 quarters in Watchtowers. Used originally only in Ceremonial Magick, but has been adopted by Witches since the sharing of information over the past 60 years or so.
  22. Handfasting:
    A Pagan wedding, where the bride and groom’s hands are bound together with a cord or cords.
  23. Healer:
    A practitioner that facilitates physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual healing to a client. DTCP Mostly works with Reiki Practitioners & Spiritual Counselors.
  24. Lady/Lord:
    The title given to members of the Solitaries of the Silver Broom when they reach First Degree & keep it when they attain the 2nd Degree as High Priest or Priestess.
  25. Pagan:
    Any person, religion or spiritual path that is outside of Judaism, Christianity or Muslim traditions. Means country dweller or hill folk. Every Witch is a Pagan, but not every Pagan is a Witch. Every Catholic is a Christian, but not every Christian is a Catholic.
  26. Pentacle:
    5 pointed star in a circle representing the union of all 5 elements.
  27. Pentagram / Pentagon:
    5 sided shape, often confused with the pentacle.
  28. Quarter:
    The 4 directions inside a cast circle where energies are stirred, summoned and/or called in for magick. East = Air, South = Fire, West = Water, North = Earth.
  29. Quarter Call:
    A spell of invocation used to bring a particular energy into a sacred space or cast circle at one of the four directions.
  30. Reader:
    A practitioner of divination regardless if they work with a physical system: Astrology,Runes, Tarot or work purely with intuitive skill: Clairaudient, clairvoyant, Empathic etc.
  31. Reiki:
    (RAY key) A Japanese system of hands on healing passed down from Master to Student via an initiation system usually tracing back to Dr Usui. Traditional Reiki’s usual hierarchy has three degrees, from Beginner to Master.
  32. Rune:
    One of the Norse set of alphabetical pictograms used for magick in northern and western Europe. Discovered by Odin plucking out 1 of his eyes and hanging himself upside down on the World Tree – Ygdrasill for 40 days.
  33. Sabbat:
    1 of the 8 holidays of the Wheel of the Year. Plural: Sabbats Yule: Winter Solstice, Imbolc: Feb 2nd, Ostara / Spring Equinox, Beltane: May 1st, Litha / Summer Solstice, Lughnasadh: August 1st, Mabon / Fall Equinox, Samhain: November 1st
  34. Scrying:
    Sometimes considered the same as dowsing, which isn’t completely off. But is more associated with gazing into something that looks like infinite space: crystal ball, pool of black ink, black mirror.
  35. SMIB:
    So mote it be. So be it!
  36. Sigil:
    A magickal symbol of any magickal derivation, usually carved into or drawn upon something.
  37. Skyclad:
    Naked, clothed in the sky.
  38. Solitary:
    A Witch who works alone without necessarily being connected to a coven or group.
  39. Spell:
    A prayer with props at its most basic. An art form within the realm of magick and a way of interacting deliberately with natural & universal laws.
  40. Talisman:
    Object that brings something to the holder. Talisman = Toward.
  41. Tarot:
    A deck of cards used for divination. Each deck has a Major Arcana, - typically 22 cards (The Fool, The Lovers, Death), a Minor Arcana in four suits(swords, wands, cups pentacles) and a set of Court Cards for each suit (Page, Knight, Queen, King.)
  42. Totem:
    The Source Spirit of an animal Species or Genus. The Dog Totem is the spirit of every dog that has ever been, is or will be. Different from a Spirit Animal / Animal Spirit which can be the spirit of a specific dog.
  43. Warlock:
    Noun - Oath Breaker, NOT a male Witch. The word Witch is gender neutral. Verb – Warlocking: to banish and shun an Oath Breaker.
  44. Widdershins:
    Counter Clockwise.
  45. Witch-let:
    Budding new Witch.
  46. Witch Friendly:
    Non Witch person, place or organization that is kind to Witches or the craft in general.
  47. Working:
    The task to be undertaken in a ritual or ceremony and often the point of such.
  48. Reverend - Rev.
    A person who is ordained as a minister or reverend. A majority of our Reverends attained ordination through The Silver Broom Ministries Clergy Training Program. But not all.
  49. Witch
    A wise one. Gender neutral term. One who seeks to live wisely & well who identifies as a Witch.
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