Lady Gaetana Moffa

Titles / Degrees:
  • 2nd Degree High Priestess of The Solitaries of the Silver Broom
  • High Priestess of Coven of Divine Connection
  • Reiki Master

Teaching / Hosting:

Education / Training:
  • Certified DTCP Tarot Reader

Business Experience:

Other Services:
Public Speaking
Intuitive Tarot Reading
Hands on Healing
Spiritual Counselin

About Gaetana:
Gaetana’s Coven of Divine Connection, a sister Coven within SSB, works with the Greek Pantheon, following the wheel of the year closely and keeping its focus on group participation.

She is a regular speaker at The Silver Broom’s Sunday Morning Services & is an Intuitive Tarot Reader for many years

In 2009 she obtained certification in the  DTCP Tarot Program.

"I have been on a spiritual path
of one sort or another most of my life.
I was raised Lutheran by a catholic mother,

studied with Jehovah Witness for 3 years 
and have been a student  of Toltec spirituality 
for the past 20 years.

I continue to apply the 4 agreements to my life. 

I have been a student of The Forum, taking advanced classes, whose principles parallel those of the 4 Agreements.

It was only natural for me to become a Reiki master
considering I have been in the healing field as a nurse
for the past 20 some odd years."

Lady Gaetana Moffa

Meet Gaetana

Drawing the Circle Productions, INC
46 RailRoad Ave
Sayville, NY 11782 
Office & Event Hours:
Monday    12pm-9pm
Tuesday  12pm-9pm
Wednesday 12pm-9pm
Thursday   12pm-9pm
Friday    12pm-6pm
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