The Dumb Supper at
The Silver Broom

Seasonal Event

As Samhain approaches the veil between the worlds becomes thinner and thinner. Many traditions practice a ritual known as the “Dumb Supper” or the “Silent Supper”.

During the Silent Supper we honor our long dead ancestors, our recently deceased loved ones, and/or the newly born.  

The Samhain celebration often includes a ritual dinner (Dumb Supper) in which we pay homage to the cycle of life, Birth, Death and Rebirth.

The Supper is a ritual performed without words or conversations because by its very nature, is a time of silence out of respect for the dead, out of respect for death itself, and out of respect for Spirit.

We are silent to make our understanding known that we are aware of the Divine Plan and that we respect it.  

This does not mean we do not grieve out loud.

But for one night we commune in silence and meditation with those who went before us.

The Supper itself should be held, if at all possible as close to midnight as possible on Samhain.

There should be a place of honor for those who have crossed.

The menu should be simple, some food that the ancestor and you both enjoy.

During the meal, we communicate with the spirits in silence.

Some Traditions write notes to their loved ones and place it in a cauldron to be burned during or after the Supper.

Clothing is to be that of traditional mourning clothes, preferably black. No bright colors.

The lighting used for the Supper is candlelight.

The traditional purpose of the Supper is to communicate with the deceased person and receive messages of comfort and wisdom from them.  

We also send comfort and reassurance to those who have suddenly made the transition- those who might be lost, confused, or unable to accept they are now gone.

We must let them know they are not forgotten.

In the giving and receiving of these reassurances we let them know our lives are continuing and we are handing their power back to them and allowing them to continue and assume their lives on the other side.

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Now for a little history. Samhain is the tradition Celtic New Year, and Feast of the Dead.

The prevalence of these rituals after the arrival of Christianity in the Celtic lands was so powerful that the Church created a feast day to eclipse the old rites.

Of all the Holy Days of the Celtic calendar, Samhain has been the only one that has survived fairly intact through the ages.

Death and the honoring of the dead is a sacred and powerful life ritual, and even the Church could not entirely erase the Old Ways of observance.

On November 5, 2016 @ 11 PM The Crone Zone will be hosting a “Dumb Supper” at the Silver Broom. Seating will be limited so those who would like to attend must RSVP early.

The Crone Zone is asking for a $25.00 donation per person attending.

Those who are attending are asked to be in mourning clothing or your witch finery.(No bright or loud colors).

Bring a small meal for yourself. Soda, wine, and water and utensils will be provided.

There will be a ritual asking our ancestors and deceased loved ones to join us.

Please think about what message you would like to send to your loved one.

We will be writing notes to be placed in a Sacred Cauldron and burned at the dinner.

The meal is eaten silence so there will be no disturbances while meditating or communing with the spirits.

After the meal dessert and coffee and tea will be served. It will be at this time when we can share our experiences.​

To make a reservation call
 The Silver Broom